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Jan 2015
What are concurrent users?
Performance and availability monitoring in levels
Jul 2014
UX/UI has no business rules
Jun 2014
Technical debt: a time related issue
Solution shaping workshops
May 2014
Architecture life cycle
Project managers and architects
Sep 2013
Using ArchiMate for describing infrastructures
Jul 2013
Kruchten’s 4+1 views for solution architecture
Jun 2013
The SEI stack of solution architecture frameworks
TOGAF and infrastructure architecture
May 2013
The Zachman framework
An introduction to architecture frameworks
Apr 2013
How to handle a Distributed Denial of Service (DDoS) attack
Architecture Principles
Mar 2013
Views and viewpoints explained
Stakeholders and their concerns
Skills of a solution architect architect
Feb 2013
Solution architects versus enterprise architects
Definition of IT Architecture
Dec 2012
Infrastructure Architecture - Infrastructure Building Blocks and Concepts
What is Big Data?
How to make your IT "Greener"
What is Cloud computing and IaaS?
Purchasing of IT infrastructure technologies and services
IDS/IPS systems
IP Protocol (IPv4) classes and subnets
Infrastructure Architecture - Course materials
Nov 2012
Introduction to Bring Your Own Device (BYOD)
IT Infrastructure Architecture model
Jan 2012
Book general available
Oct 2011
Fire prevention in the datacenter
Sep 2011
Where to build your datacenter
Jul 2011
Availability - Fall-back, hot site, warm site
Reliabilty of infrastructure components
Jun 2011
Human factors in availability of systems
Business Continuity Management (BCM) and Disaster Recovery Plan (DRP)
May 2011
Performance - Design for use
Performance concepts - Load balancing
Performance concepts - Scaling
Apr 2011
Performance concept - Caching
Perceived performance
Mar 2011
Ethical hacking
Feb 2011
Computer crime
Introduction to Cryptography
Jan 2011
Introduction to Risk management
The history of UNIX and Linux
Dec 2010
The history of Microsoft Windows
The history of Novell NetWare
Nov 2010
The history of operating systems - MS-DOS
Oct 2010
The history of Storage
The history of Networking
Sep 2010
History of servers
Jun 2010
Tips for getting your ITAC certificate
Apr 2010
Studying TOGAF
Is your data safe in the cloud?
Mar 2010
Proof of concept
Who needs a consistent backup?
Feb 2010
Measuring Enterprise Architecture Maturity
Jan 2010
Human factors in security
Dec 2009
Master Certified IT Architect
ITAC certification
Sep 2009
Human factors in security
Google outage
Apr 2009
SAS 70
Jan 2009
TOGAF 9 - What's new?
DYA: Development without architecture
Oct 2008
Spam is big business
Sep 2008
Why IT projects fail
Power and cooling
Aug 2008
Let system administrators participate in projects
The 7 Habits of Highly Effective People
Jul 2008
Jun 2008
A meeting with John Zachman
ITAC - IT Architect certification
May 2008
Personal Information is Personal Property
The Irresistible Forces Meet the Movable Objects
Apr 2008
Hardeningscheck and hack testing for new servers
Mar 2008
Knowledge management
Information Lifecycle Management - What is ILM
Jan 2008
LEAP: The Redmond trip
LEAP: The last Dutch masterclasses
Dec 2007
What do system administrators do?
Is software ever finished?
Nov 2007
SCADA systems
LEAP - Halfway through the Dutch masterclasses
Oct 2007
Securing data: The Castle versus the Tank
Sep 2007
Non-functional requirements
LEAP - Microsoft Lead Enterprise Architect Program
Aug 2007
Reasons for making backups
Log analysis - Use your logging information
Jul 2007
Archivering data - more than backup
Jun 2007
Patterns in IT architecture
May 2007
Layers in IT security
High performance clusters and grids
Apr 2007
Zachman architecture model
High Availability clusters
Feb 2007
Monitoring by system administrators
What is VMS?
Jan 2007
IT Architecture certifications
Storage Area Networks (SAN)
Dec 2006
Documentation for system administrators
Nov 2006
Presentations: PowerPoint sheets are not enough
Oct 2006
99,999% availability
Sep 2006
Linux certification: RHCE and LPI
Aug 2006
IT Infrastructure model

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